Friday, April 10, 2015

Museum of Wonderment

This year's All School Museum was the Museum of Wonderment.  Each classroom chose to represent it in very different ways!  It's amazing to see what the students can pull off- especially after having so many snow days and delays.

Team M/K:  Great Inventions Museum 
Junior inventors were asked to research, create, and market an original invention.  Their invention had to make life easier and better and they must also solve problems.  The junior inventors came up with blueprints to show their design, created a poster, logo and advertisement for the invention and then built an actual working invention.

A-Team: From Colonies to Country
Students took a look at how our country came to be.  This class always gets really into their project! Students dressed up as the person they research and transformed the room to take you back to the colonial days.  As you walked through the room you could run into George Washington, Betsy Ross, and John Adams (to name a few!).

Team M/R: Hall of Deconstruction
Students in this class took stuff apart! They deconstructed appliances/machines such as fax machines, fans, guitars, and computers.  Students had to make banners, posters, create a technology component, a hands on interactive component, and a display of parts.

SBoogle: Wonder and Worries of Technology
 Museum goers will be able to explore technology from the 50s, 80s, today, and the future.  From TV to holographic projection technology, the museum will highlight the impacts that these wonderful, and at times, worrisome innovations have had on society.