Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of Year Wrap Up

We have now officially hit the homestretch there are only 3.5 days of school left!  How this year has flown!! Here is a quick rundown of the fun we have had at CLC over the last several weeks.

Future Legends of Rock Concert: annual CLC Rock Concert, featuring our own CLC bands.

Plastic Recycling Challenge: CLC came in 3rd place among 16 SCASD schools. For only having 100 students we did very well keeping up with the big schools!  For our hard work we were rewarded with a bench made from Trex recycled plastic, a cool bird house, and a $50 gift certificate to get plants for our butterfly garden! 
The girls sitting on our bench holding new plants for the garden

Lame Island: Both 7th /8th grade classes joined together for this boat building project. They had 5 materials to use in the building of their boats: duct tape, plywood, pvc pipe, rope and tarp.  The boats had to be transportable so that the teams could hike with them to the water, where the boats would be assembled and rowed across the lake to get to off Lame Island before they are bored to death.  Check out the link for more information about this awesome project:

8th Grade Graduation: Even though our last day of school was pushed back a few days, we still had graduation on June 1st.  This is one awesome group of creative, innovative, smart, funny students. What was amazing about this graduation is that so many students spoke after receiving their medals. It was heartwarming to hear what they had to say and see a few kiddos who started out as shy, soft spoken students, stand up and tell everyone how the school has changed them for the better.  The parents were incredibly sweet as well. We heard so many wonderful things from them.  It will be hard to see them all moving on- parents and students both! One of the many good qualities of working in a small school is getting to know the parents as well as the students. We are our own little community!

Congratulations to the 8th grade class of 2014! Come back and visit!